Editions is our new publishing project which launched in 2015 with the aim of championing emerging photographers and artists. Each publication is a close collaboration between ourselves, the artists, designers and printers in order to create unique photobooks and zines that celebrate the medium of print.

The Destruction of Challenger 520 by Andy Jones - 1

The Destruction of Challenger 520

Andy Jones
Second Nature by Jenny Briggs - Cover

Second Nature

Jenny Briggs
Still Life by Paul Phung - 4

Still Life

Paul Phung
Physical Gift Card - 5

Physical Gift Card

Gold Dust by Tripod City - 6

Gold Dust

Tripod City
Procrastination Compilation by George Mitchell - 7

Procrastination Compilation

George Mitchell
Tote Bag - 8

Tote Bag

Holy Water by Christopher Nunn - 9

Holy Water

Christopher Nunn
Gift Card - 10

Gift Card

Sigla Addendum by Joe Gilmore - 3
Out of Stock

Sigla Addendum

Joe Gilmore