Editions is our new publishing project which launched in 2015 with the aim of championing emerging photographers and artists. Each publication is a close collaboration between ourselves, the artists, designers and printers in order to create unique photobooks and zines that celebrate the medium of print.

The New Village by John Spinks - 1

The New Village

John Spinks
The Destruction of Challenger 520 by Andy Jones - Cover

The Destruction of Challenger 520

Andy Jones
Second Nature by Jenny Briggs - 3

Second Nature

Jenny Briggs
Sigla Addendum by Joe Gilmore - 4
Out of Stock

Sigla Addendum

Joe Gilmore
Still Life by Paul Phung - 5

Still Life

Paul Phung
Physical Gift Card - 6

Physical Gift Card

Gold Dust by Tripod City - 7

Gold Dust

Tripod City
Procrastination Compilation by George Mitchell - 8

Procrastination Compilation

George Mitchell
Tote Bag - 9

Tote Bag

Holy Water by Christopher Nunn - 10

Holy Water

Christopher Nunn
Gift Card - 11

Gift Card