Threshold (SIGNED) by Mårten Lange - 1
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Threshold (SIGNED)

Mårten Lange
Coming and Going (SIGNED) by Jim Goldberg - Cover

Coming and Going (SIGNED)

Jim Goldberg
Dye your hair with Kool-Aid (+signed c print) by Valerie Phillips - 3

Dye your hair with Kool-Aid (+signed c print)

Valerie Phillips
Polaroid 54/59/79 by Dana Lixenberg - 4

Polaroid 54/59/79

Dana Lixenberg
The Heart is a Sandwich by Jason Fulford - 5
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The Heart is a Sandwich

Jason Fulford
The Ward (SIGNED) by Gideon Mendel - 6
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The Ward (SIGNED)

Gideon Mendel
Baron by Joyce Lee by Joyce Lee - 7
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Baron by Joyce Lee

Joyce Lee


Roe Ethridge
The Shipping Forecast (Signed) by Mark Power - 9
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The Shipping Forecast (Signed)

Mark Power
JOKE (Signed) by Talia Chetrit - 10

JOKE (Signed)

Talia Chetrit
While You Were Sleeping (SIGNED) by Ewen Spencer - 11

While You Were Sleeping (SIGNED)

Ewen Spencer
A Pound of Pictures (Signed) by Alec Soth - 12
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A Pound of Pictures (Signed)

Alec Soth
Spanish Summer (Signed) by Gerry Johansson - 13

Spanish Summer (Signed)

Gerry Johansson
Apiary by Robin Friend - 14


Robin Friend
Baron by Richard Kern by Richard Kern - 15

Baron by Richard Kern

Richard Kern
The Shabbiness of Beauty by Moyra Davey & Peter Hujar - 16
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The Shabbiness of Beauty

Moyra Davey & Peter Hujar
Naïvy (SIGNED) by Coco Capitán - 17

Naïvy (SIGNED)

Coco Capitán
Ehime (Signed) by Gerry Johansson - 18

Ehime (Signed)

Gerry Johansson
La Bête A Modern Tale by Yasmina Benabderrahmane - 19
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La Bête A Modern Tale

Yasmina Benabderrahmane
Baron Magazine 6: Miért vagy te, ha lehetsz én is? by Petra Collins - 20

Baron #6: Miért vagy te, ha lehetsz én is?

Petra Collins