Sugar Paper Theories by Jack Latham - 1

Sugar Paper Theories

Jack Latham
Die Son Sien Alles (Signed) by Viviane Sassen - Cover
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Die Son Sien Alles (Signed)

Viviane Sassen
Behind The Glass by Alexandra Catiere - 3
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Behind The Glass

Alexandra Catiere
Dandaka (Signed) by Vasantha Yogananthan - 4
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Dandaka (Signed)

Vasantha Yogananthan
Clashing Realities by Caroline Tabat - 5

Clashing Realities

Caroline Tabat
Disintegrated Objects by Caroline Tabat - 6

Disintegrated Objects

Caroline Tabat
Parallel Universes and Beirutopia by Randa Mirza - 7

Parallel Universes and Beirutopia

Randa Mirza
The Reeds by Lara Tabet - 8

The Reeds

Lara Tabet
War Primer 2 (Signed) by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin  - 9

War Primer 2 (Signed)

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
SPBH BOOK CLUB VOL VII by Lucas Blalock - 10


Lucas Blalock
There's a Place In Hell For Me and My Friends by Pieter Hugo - 11
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There's a Place In Hell For Me and My Friends

Pieter Hugo