Rose of the Desert

To coincide with the release of her self-published book, Village is proud to present our latest exhibition, Rose of the Desert by London-based artist Sophie Jane Stafford.

Children of Graceland by Hayley Louisa Brown

Village is proud to announce our upcoming exhibition 'Children of Graceland' by Hayley Louisa Brown.

Pleasure Principles by Alexandra Hayter and Michael Savage

Pleasure Principles is a collaborative exhibition by Alexandra Hayter and Michael Savage that broadens the visual periphery of Savage's latest self-published book In Formalities.

Self Publish, Be Happy - Talk & Social with Bruno Ceschel

Join author of the book and founder of Self Publish, Be Happy, Bruno Ceschel as he delivers his self-publishing manifesto, expands upon the ideas that the book presents and provides a rallying cry for all those involved in the contemporary photobook revolution — a moment in which the photobook, in all its infinitesimal manifestations, has never before been so omnipresent in our cultural landscape, nor so critical to the photographer’s practice.