Witty Books

was founded in 2012 with the name of Witty Kiwi, it's an independent publishing house that aims to promote contemporary photography and visual art.

How To Raise A Hand by Angelo Vignali - 1

How To Raise A Hand

Angelo Vignali
Praise the Lord by Dani Pujalte - Cover

Praise the Lord

Dani Pujalte
Eel Soup by Federico Clavarino & Tami Izko - 3
Out of Stock

Eel Soup

Federico Clavarino & Tami Izko
Rules for fighting by Paola Jiménez Quispe - 4
Out of Stock

Rules for fighting

Paola Jiménez Quispe
The Hero Mother by Peter Puklus - 5

The Hero Mother

Peter Puklus
A city behind the forest by Albert Grøndahl - 6

A city behind the forest

Albert Grøndahl
La Cattedrale by Riccardo Svelto - 7
Out of Stock

La Cattedrale

Riccardo Svelto
Piccola Russia by Andrea Alessandrini - 8
Out of Stock

Piccola Russia

Andrea Alessandrini
Mondo Decay by Brad Feuerhelm - 9
Out of Stock

Mondo Decay

Brad Feuerhelm
Monsoons Never Cross The Mountains by Camillo Pasquarelli - 10
£15.00 £25.00

Monsoons Never Cross The Mountains

Camillo Pasquarelli
PSALM by Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza - 11
£15.00 £27.00


Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza
Grand Amour by Lin Zhipeng aka No.223 - 12

Grand Amour

Lin Zhipeng aka No.223