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RVB Books is both an independent publisher dedicated to designing and printing unique fine arts books and a gallery featuring exhibitions on new editorial practices. Based in Paris, France.

Virtual Mass by Antoine Martin - 1

Virtual Mass

Antoine Martin
Paris - Hollywood by Tiane Doan na Champassak  - Cover
£20.00 £30.00

Paris - Hollywood

Tiane Doan na Champassak
Magazine Ingrid by Zoe Aubry - 3


Zoe Aubry
Play by Philippe Jarrigeon - 4
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Philippe Jarrigeon
Muddy Dance by Erik Kessels - 5
£15.00 £30.00

Muddy Dance

Erik Kessels
Surface Tension by Tabitha Soren - 6
Out of Stock

Surface Tension

Tabitha Soren
Chauvet, L’aventure Intérieure by Philippe Durand - 7

Chauvet, L’aventure Intérieure

Philippe Durand
Graffiti by Antonio M. Xoubanova - 8
Out of Stock


Antonio M. Xoubanova
Soukhos by Raphaël Barontini - 9
Out of Stock


Raphaël Barontini
HIVES visual history of the beehive by Aladin Boriloi - 10
Out of Stock

HIVES visual history of the beehive

Aladin Boriloi
Erwin Wurm Photographs by Erwin Wurm - 11
Out of Stock

Erwin Wurm Photographs

Erwin Wurm
The Happiness Project - 12
Out of Stock

The Happiness Project

Karma by Óscar Monzón - 13


Óscar Monzón