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RVB Books is both an independent publisher dedicated to designing and printing unique fine arts books and a gallery featuring exhibitions on new editorial practices. Based in Paris, France.

Damaged INC by David De Beyter - Cover

Damaged INC

David De Beyter
Stations by Noémie Goudal - 5


Noémie Goudal
The Erratics by Darren Harvey-Regan - 6

The Erratics

Darren Harvey-Regan
The Happiness Project - 7

The Happiness Project

Choli Cholie by Walter Pfeiffer - 1
Out of Stock

Choli Cholie

Walter Pfeiffer
Event Horizon by Quentin Lacombe - 3
Out of Stock

Event Horizon

Quentin Lacombe
Observatoires by Noémie Goudal - 4
Out of Stock


Noémie Goudal