Pomegranate Press

is an independent publishing house based in Richmond, Virginia. They specialise in showcasing contemporary photography, writing, and other mediums of visual art through the release of limited edition, affordable publications and ephemera.

Heaven on Earth by Johann Husser - 1

Heaven on Earth

Johann Husser
Make it like a Memory by Tamara Blake Chapman - Cover

Make it like a Memory

Tamara Blake Chapman
Fire Barked at Eternity by Chad Unger - 3

Fire Barked at Eternity

Chad Unger
Same Glitch, Different Colour by Juan Brenner & José Castrellón’ - 4

Same Glitch, Different Colour

Juan Brenner & José Castrellón’
Tierra Del Sol by Carlos Jaramillo - 5

Tierra Del Sol

Carlos Jaramillo
Summerland by Daria Svertilova - 6


Daria Svertilova
Nothing Left But Healing - 7

Nothing Left But Healing

The Purple Pill by Christian Filardo - 8
Out of Stock

The Purple Pill

Christian Filardo
As Good a Place as Any by Hailey Heaton - 9
Out of Stock

As Good a Place as Any

Hailey Heaton
Summer Unseen by Whitney Hayes - 10
Out of Stock

Summer Unseen

Whitney Hayes
A More Fluid Atmosphere by Rose Marie Cromwell - 11

A More Fluid Atmosphere

Rose Marie Cromwell
Unfolding into Morning by Zoë Waldman - 12

Unfolding into Morning

Zoë Waldman
Paradise by Daniel Dorsa - 13


Daniel Dorsa
You, Me, and The Moments by Various Artists - 14
Out of Stock

You, Me, and The Moments

Various Artists
The Ravine, The Virgin, & The Spring by Juan Brenner - 15
Out of Stock

The Ravine, The Virgin, & The Spring

Juan Brenner