Le Crowbar by Tom Hunter - 1

Le Crowbar

Tom Hunter
Erwin Wurm Photographs by Erwin Wurm - Cover
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Erwin Wurm Photographs

Erwin Wurm
When Midnight Comes Round by Gary Green - 3
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When Midnight Comes Round

Gary Green
Pleasant Street by Judith Black - 4
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Pleasant Street

Judith Black
Early Sunday Morning by Peter Mitchell - 5
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Early Sunday Morning

Peter Mitchell
American Portraits 1979-1989 by Leon Borensztein - 6
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American Portraits 1979-1989

Leon Borensztein
People of the Mud by Luis Alberto Rodriguez - 7

People of the Mud

Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Restricted Residence by Giles Price - 8
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Restricted Residence

Giles Price
La Bête A Modern Tale by Yasmina Benabderrahmane - 9
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La Bête A Modern Tale

Yasmina Benabderrahmane
When a Man Loves a Woman by Molly Matalon - 10
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When a Man Loves a Woman

Molly Matalon
Portraits by Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz - 11
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Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz
Regarding the Pain of Others by Susan Sontag - 12
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Regarding the Pain of Others

Susan Sontag
On Photography by Susan Sontag - 13

On Photography

Susan Sontag
Sophie by Camille Vivier - 14


Camille Vivier
This Way For Fun! by Jim Brook - 15
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This Way For Fun!

Jim Brook
Trial and Error by Reinis Lismanis - 16
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Trial and Error

Reinis Lismanis
The Unforgetting by Peter Watkins - 17
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The Unforgetting

Peter Watkins
Shirley Baker by Lou Stoppard - 18
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Shirley Baker

Lou Stoppard
Only Apples by Brigham Baker - 19
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Only Apples

Brigham Baker
Howling Winds by Vasantha Yogananthan - 20
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Howling Winds

Vasantha Yogananthan