Loose Joints

is a London based publisher and design studio dedicated to exploring progressive approaches to image making in book form.

Road to Nowhere by Robin Graubard - 1
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Road to Nowhere

Robin Graubard
Love Bites by Tim Richmond - Cover

Love Bites

Tim Richmond
The Model Family by Tealia Ellis Ritter  - 3

The Model Family

Tealia Ellis Ritter
Apiary by Robin Friend - 4


Robin Friend
Material by Jet Swan - 5


Jet Swan
Ensemble by David Luraschi - 6
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David Luraschi
Hedda by Fin Serck-Hanssen - 7
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Fin Serck-Hanssen
Falling by Gabby Laurent - 8
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Gabby Laurent
I can’t stand to see you cry by Rahim Fortune - 9

I can’t stand to see you cry

Rahim Fortune
Heaven is a Prison by Mark McKnight - 10

Heaven is a Prison

Mark McKnight
People of the Mud by Luis Alberto Rodriguez - 11

People of the Mud

Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Restricted Residence by Giles Price - 12
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Restricted Residence

Giles Price
Congregation by Sophie Green - 13


Sophie Green
Grey Cobalt by Felicia Honkasalo - 14
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Grey Cobalt

Felicia Honkasalo
Signal The Future by Georg Gatsas - 15

Signal The Future

Georg Gatsas
DMYCC by Sean Vegezzi - 16


Sean Vegezzi
Where The Flowers Still Grow by Bharat Sikka - 17

Where The Flowers Still Grow

Bharat Sikka
Paintings by Harley Weir - 18
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Harley Weir
Bruises by Samara Scott - 19


Samara Scott