Loose Joints

is a London based publisher and design studio dedicated to exploring progressive approaches to image making in book form.

Humanise Something Free of Error by Sarah Piegay Espenon - 1

Humanise Something Free of Error

Sarah Piegay Espenon
Ice Fishers by Aleksey Kondratyev - Cover

Ice Fishers

Aleksey Kondratyev
Bastard Countryside (Signed) by Robin Friend - 3
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Bastard Countryside (Signed)

Robin Friend
Grey Cobalt by Felicia Honkasalo - 4

Grey Cobalt

Felicia Honkasalo
Busy Living by Coco Capitán - 5
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Busy Living

Coco Capitán
Congregation by Sophie Green - 6


Sophie Green
Jack Davison: Photographs by Jack Davison - 7
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Jack Davison: Photographs

Jack Davison
Campaign Child by Xiaopeng Yuan - 8

Campaign Child

Xiaopeng Yuan
Restricted Residence by Giles Price - 9

Restricted Residence

Giles Price
People of the Mud by Luis Alberto Rodriguez - 10

People of the Mud

Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Living Trust by Buck Ellison - 11
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Living Trust

Buck Ellison
Heaven is a Prison by Mark McKnight - 12

Heaven is a Prison

Mark McKnight
Ghost Witness by Mårten Lange - 13
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Ghost Witness

Mårten Lange