Innen Zines

Innen is an independent publisher promoting Hungarian and international contemporary artists, offering unconventional perspectives on art and contemporary trends.

Founded by Hungarian graphic designer Aaron Fabian in 2006 later in 2012 moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Innen has gradually gained prestige with its uniquely charming Zines and Books.

Welcome Stranger by Peter Sutherland - 1

Welcome Stranger

Peter Sutherland
The Edge of Hell by Sean Pablo - Cover

The Edge of Hell

Sean Pablo
Helmut Lang: Burry by Helmut Lang - 3

Helmut Lang: Burry

Helmut Lang
They Started it.... And We'll Finish - 4

They Started it.... And We'll Finish

Jess: Joshua Gordon by Joshua Gordon - 5

Jess: Joshua Gordon

Joshua Gordon
Hidden Entrance by Quinn Arneson - 6

Hidden Entrance

Quinn Arneson
Reference: Tom of Finland - 7

Reference: Tom of Finland

Not Yet Remembered by Nate Walton - 8

Not Yet Remembered

Nate Walton