Innen Zines

Innen is an independent publisher promoting Hungarian and international contemporary artists, offering unconventional perspectives on art and contemporary trends.

Founded by Hungarian graphic designer Aaron Fabian in 2006 later in 2012 moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Innen has gradually gained prestige with its uniquely charming Zines and Books.

Live Forever 3 by Cali Thornhill DeWitt - 1

Live Forever 3

Cali Thornhill DeWitt
The Pope's Secret by Ari Marcopoulos - Cover

The Pope's Secret

Ari Marcopoulos
P.A.M. SS22
Out of Stock

P.A.M. SS22 "Poetry & Motion"

Imogene Barron
Stapleton Studio by Arjuna Routte-Prieur - 4
Out of Stock

Stapleton Studio

Arjuna Routte-Prieur
Bintou Courte by Saeio - 5
Out of Stock

Bintou Courte

Forever Guilty by Racheal Crowther - 6

Forever Guilty

Racheal Crowther
Isa Chan by K. Nisimoto (@k_nisimoto) - 7
Out of Stock

Isa Chan

K. Nisimoto (@k_nisimoto)
Yakushima by Yves Suter - 8
Out of Stock


Yves Suter
Use Ramp by Yves Suter - 9

Use Ramp

Yves Suter
Star Breeze by Lucas Vercetti - 10
Out of Stock

Star Breeze

Lucas Vercetti
Sötétben nö a ször by Tüü Zsombor - 11
Out of Stock

Sötétben nö a ször

Tüü Zsombor
Photographs by Urs Lüthi - 12


Urs Lüthi
OG by Harry Jumonji  - 13
Out of Stock


Harry Jumonji
Kosmiche Mexique by Misha Hollenbach - 14

Kosmiche Mexique

Misha Hollenbach
Dissolve Blur Gap Blue Grape Space by Christopher LG Hill - 15

Dissolve Blur Gap Blue Grape Space

Christopher LG Hill
Yolo by Motoyuki Daifu - 16


Motoyuki Daifu
Gethsemane by Nick Waplington - 17


Nick Waplington
80's Budapest by Benkö Imre - 18

80's Budapest

Benkö Imre
All of Nothing by Ben Pier - 19
Out of Stock

All of Nothing

Ben Pier
Leech Colony by Károly Soós - 20
Out of Stock

Leech Colony

Károly Soós