Disko (2nd Edition) by Andrew Miksys - 1
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Disko (2nd Edition)

Andrew Miksys
Songbook by Alec Soth - Cover
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Alec Soth
Moonshine by Bertien van Manen - 3


Bertien van Manen
Ezekiel 36:36 by Nick Ballon - 4

Ezekiel 36:36

Nick Ballon
Museum of the Future by Editied by  Cristina Bechtler & Dora Imhof - 5
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Museum of the Future

Editied by Cristina Bechtler & Dora Imhof
The Mountains Of Majeed by Edmund Clark - 6

The Mountains Of Majeed

Edmund Clark
East London Swimmers by Madeleine Waller - 7
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East London Swimmers

Madeleine Waller
Code Duello by Alex Farrar & Harry Meadley - 8

Code Duello

Alex Farrar & Harry Meadley
Modoru Okinawa by Keizo Kitajima - 9

Modoru Okinawa

Keizo Kitajima
The Monocle Guide to Better Living by Tyler Brûlé - 10
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The Monocle Guide to Better Living

Tyler Brûlé
Sudden Flowers by Eric Gottesman - 11

Sudden Flowers

Eric Gottesman
Gold Country Real Estate by Bryan Dooley - 12

Gold Country Real Estate

Bryan Dooley
Sunless by Tiane Doan na Champassak - 13


Tiane Doan na Champassak
Big Sky Hunting by Alberto Sinigaglia - 14

Big Sky Hunting

Alberto Sinigaglia
Where Mimosa Bloom by Rita Puig Serra Costa - 15

Where Mimosa Bloom

Rita Puig Serra Costa
Flowers Shall Grow by Julie Pike - 16

Flowers Shall Grow

Julie Pike
Rattenkönig by Kamil Sobolewski - 17
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Kamil Sobolewski
Discharge by Petra Collins - 18
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Petra Collins
Vanity by Coco Young - 19


Coco Young
Celebrity by Kenji Hirasawa - 20


Kenji Hirasawa