Worms Magazine 4 - 1
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Worms #4

The Practice of Not Thinking by Ryunosuke Koike - Cover

The Practice of Not Thinking

Ryunosuke Koike
HAMAM Magazine 5 - 3


Highway Kind by Justine Kurland - 4

Highway Kind

Justine Kurland
To Be Determined by Duncan Wooldridge - 5

To Be Determined

Duncan Wooldridge
Photobooks & by Matt Johnston - 6
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Photobooks &

Matt Johnston
Reworlding Ramallah by Callum Copley - 7
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Reworlding Ramallah

Callum Copley
Left Populism in Europe by Marina Prentoulis - 8
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Left Populism in Europe

Marina Prentoulis
32 Counties by Kieran Allen - 9
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32 Counties

Kieran Allen
Arise by Jane Holgate - 10
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Jane Holgate
A Decolonial Feminism by Françoise Vergès - 11
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A Decolonial Feminism

Françoise Vergès
Border Nation by Leah Cowan - 12
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Border Nation

Leah Cowan
Look Inside Lost in Work by Amelia Horgan - 13
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Look Inside Lost in Work

Amelia Horgan
Make Bosses Pay by Eve Livingston - 14
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Make Bosses Pay

Eve Livingston
Shame! and Masculinity by Editor: Ernst van Alphen - 15
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Shame! and Masculinity

Editor: Ernst van Alphen
Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms by Editor: Katy Deepwell - 16

Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms

Editor: Katy Deepwell
Design Struggles by Claudia Mareis, Nina Paim - 17
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Design Struggles

Claudia Mareis, Nina Paim
Burning Images by Florian Göttke - 18

Burning Images

Florian Göttke
Caps Lock by Ruben Pater - 19

Caps Lock

Ruben Pater
Nothing Personal Magazine 1 - 20

Nothing Personal #1