Pillars of Home by Csilla Klenyanszki - 1

Pillars of Home

Csilla Klenyanszki
Beings by Philip Welding - Cover


Philip Welding
Twist by Camille Vivier - 3
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Camille Vivier
Welcome Stranger by Peter Sutherland - 4

Welcome Stranger

Peter Sutherland
Juxtapoz Magazine 209 - 5
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Juxtapoz #209

The Complete Papers by Thomas Demand - 6

The Complete Papers

Thomas Demand
Helmut Lang: Burry by Helmut Lang - 7
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Helmut Lang: Burry

Helmut Lang
A Grocer’s Orgy by Lucas Blalock - 8
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A Grocer’s Orgy

Lucas Blalock
If, Then, Because, Since and So by Bjarne Bare - 9

If, Then, Because, Since and So

Bjarne Bare
Muddy Waters by Christto & Andrew - 10

Muddy Waters

Christto & Andrew
General View by Thomas Albdorf - 11
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General View

Thomas Albdorf
Disobedient Bodies by J.W. Anderson - 12
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Disobedient Bodies

J.W. Anderson
SPBH BOOK CLUB VOL VII by Lucas Blalock - 13


Lucas Blalock
Gold Country Real Estate by Bryan Dooley - 14

Gold Country Real Estate

Bryan Dooley
Catarsi by Massimo Leardini - 15


Massimo Leardini
III by Robin Maddock - 16
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Robin Maddock