Paul's Book by Collier Schorr - 1
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Paul's Book

Collier Schorr
Picture Summer on Kodak Film (Signed) by Jason Fulford - Cover

Picture Summer on Kodak Film (Signed)

Jason Fulford
Transparencies: Small Camera Works 1971-1979 by Stephen Shore - 3

Transparencies: Small Camera Works 1971-1979

Stephen Shore
World Without Us by Geert Goiris - 4

World Without Us

Geert Goiris
Howling Winds (Signed) by Vasantha Yogananthan - 5

Howling Winds (Signed)

Vasantha Yogananthan
House Hunting by Todd Hido - 6

House Hunting

Todd Hido
Omaha Sketchbook by Gregory Halpern - 7
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Omaha Sketchbook

Gregory Halpern
Dyckman Haze by Adam Pape - 8

Dyckman Haze

Adam Pape
Caspian by Chloe Dewe Mathews - 9


Chloe Dewe Mathews
Autonomic Tarot by David Keenan & Sophy Hollington - 10
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Autonomic Tarot

David Keenan & Sophy Hollington
Behind The Glass by Alexandra Catiere - 11
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Behind The Glass

Alexandra Catiere
Dandaka (Signed) by Vasantha Yogananthan - 12
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Dandaka (Signed)

Vasantha Yogananthan
Margins Of Excess (Signed) by Max Pinckers - 13
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Margins Of Excess (Signed)

Max Pinckers
Deep Springs (Signed) by Sam Contis - 14
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Deep Springs (Signed)

Sam Contis
Lotus (Signed) by Max Pinckers - 15

Lotus (Signed)

Max Pinckers