Sleeping Beauty by Carlijn Jacobs - 1
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Sleeping Beauty

Carlijn Jacobs
AUGURY by Daniel Rampulla - Cover


Daniel Rampulla
tenderness by Aaron Moth - 3


Aaron Moth
Monika Monster, Future First Woman on Mars by Valerie Philips - 4

Monika Monster, Future First Woman on Mars

Valerie Philips
Evidence 1944-1994 by Richard Avedon - 5
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Evidence 1944-1994

Richard Avedon
Hiromix by Hiromix - 6
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Juergen Teller by Juergen Teller - 7
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Juergen Teller

Juergen Teller
Martha by Sian Davey - 8
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Sian Davey
Jamel Shabazz: Albums by Jamel Shabazz - 9
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Jamel Shabazz: Albums

Jamel Shabazz
Portraits by Richard Avedon - 10
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Richard Avedon
Zimmerman by Juergen Teller - 11


Juergen Teller
Almost Something by Hannah Moon - 12
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Almost Something

Hannah Moon
Sea of Glass by Richard Higginbottom - 13

Sea of Glass

Richard Higginbottom
Blurry Days/Sharp Nights by Angela Suarez - 14
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Blurry Days/Sharp Nights

Angela Suarez
The Rose Hotel by Kingsley Ifill - 15
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The Rose Hotel

Kingsley Ifill
The Orange Line by Jack Lueders-Booth - 16

The Orange Line

Jack Lueders-Booth
Prime Time by Sean Maung and Valentina Vargas - 17
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Prime Time

Sean Maung and Valentina Vargas
Pound 4 Pound by Sean Maung - 18
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Pound 4 Pound

Sean Maung
Blume Magazine 01 - 19
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Blume #01

Fairy Tales by Petra Collins - 20
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Fairy Tales

Petra Collins