Personal Memory by Jiro Konami - 1
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Personal Memory

Jiro Konami
The Monocle Book of Japan by Monocle - Cover

The Monocle Book of Japan

Restricted Residence by Giles Price - 3

Restricted Residence

Giles Price
Yumi and the Moon by Alexandra Leese - 4

Yumi and the Moon

Alexandra Leese
The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories - 5
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The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories

The Japanese Garden by Sophie Walker - 6
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The Japanese Garden

Sophie Walker
Lodestars Anthology Magazine 7 - 7
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Lodestars Anthology #7

Morena Magazine 6 by Hannah Moon with Moffy - 8
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Morena #6

Hannah Moon with Moffy
Family by Masahisa Fukase - 9


Masahisa Fukase
Murder (Signed) by Guillaume Simoneau - 10

Murder (Signed)

Guillaume Simoneau
Clutch Vol. 63 - 11
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Clutch Vol. 63

Tokyo Girls by Emily Ashcroft - 12

Tokyo Girls

Emily Ashcroft
Sakura Lust by Casper Kent - 13

Sakura Lust

Casper Kent
Logos From Japan by Counter-Print - 14
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Logos From Japan

Japanese Tales by Royall Tyler - 15
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Japanese Tales

Royall Tyler
Personal Matters II by Motohiko Hasui - 16

Personal Matters II

Motohiko Hasui
The Beauty of Everyday Things by Soetsu Yanagi - 17

The Beauty of Everyday Things

Soetsu Yanagi
Richardson A9 - 18
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Richardson A9

From Japan by Counter-Print - 19
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From Japan

Lightning Magazine 180: All About Vintage Denim - 20
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Lightning #180: All About Vintage Denim