AESTHETIX by Tyrone Williams - 1


Tyrone Williams
An Atlas of Rare & Familiar Colour by Atelier Editions - Cover
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An Atlas of Rare & Familiar Colour

Atelier Editions
Chroma by John Divola - 3
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John Divola
Units by Seth Lower - 4


Seth Lower
Picture Summer on Kodak Film (Signed) by Jason Fulford - 5

Picture Summer on Kodak Film (Signed)

Jason Fulford
Transparencies: Small Camera Works 1971-1979 by Stephen Shore - 6

Transparencies: Small Camera Works 1971-1979

Stephen Shore
Working Backwards by Liam Bonham - 7
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Working Backwards

Liam Bonham
Neighborhood Stroll by David Brandon Geeting - 8
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Neighborhood Stroll

David Brandon Geeting
Red Harvest by Marguerite Bornhauser - 9

Red Harvest

Marguerite Bornhauser
Campaign Child by Xiaopeng Yuan - 10

Campaign Child

Xiaopeng Yuan
Hotel Mermaid Club by Chris Rhodes - 11

Hotel Mermaid Club

Chris Rhodes
ToiletMartin PaperParr Calendar 2020 by Toiletpaper x Martin Parr - 12

ToiletMartin PaperParr Calendar 2020

Toiletpaper x Martin Parr
A Magazine Magazine 19: Curated by Kim Jones by Kim Jones - 13
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A Magazine #19: Curated by Kim Jones

Kim Jones
Des Oiseaux by Yoshinori Mizutani - 14
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Des Oiseaux

Yoshinori Mizutani
Tabriz To Shiraz by Sarah Pannell - 15
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Tabriz To Shiraz

Sarah Pannell
Equivalences by Douglas Mandry - 16
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Douglas Mandry
Bastard Countryside (Signed) by Robin Friend - 17

Bastard Countryside (Signed)

Robin Friend
Hot Mirror by Viviane Sassen - 18

Hot Mirror

Viviane Sassen
Seabird by Bobby Doherty - 19
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Bobby Doherty
The Happiness Project - 20

The Happiness Project