Red Harvest by Marguerite Bornhauser - 1

Red Harvest

Marguerite Bornhauser
Campaign Child by Xiaopeng Yuan - Cover

Campaign Child

Xiaopeng Yuan
Pillars of Home by Csilla Klenyanszki - 3

Pillars of Home

Csilla Klenyanszki
Room One by Richard Higginbottom - 4

Room One

Richard Higginbottom
No Silver Bird by Dan Commons - 5

No Silver Bird

Dan Commons
Googly Eyes by Christoph Nuessli - 6

Googly Eyes

Christoph Nuessli
Mold Magazine 4 - 7

Mold #4

Oobanken (Signed) by Jerome Ming - 8
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Oobanken (Signed)

Jerome Ming
Bollenveld by Erik van der Weijde - 9
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Erik van der Weijde
Equivalences by Douglas Mandry - 10


Douglas Mandry
Cloud Service by Batia Suter - 11
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Cloud Service

Batia Suter
Seabird by Bobby Doherty - 12
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Bobby Doherty
A Grocer’s Orgy by Lucas Blalock - 13
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A Grocer’s Orgy

Lucas Blalock
Homes by Harley Weir - 14
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Harley Weir
Subject to Change by Claire McClean - 15

Subject to Change

Claire McClean
La Vertigine by Federico Clavarino - 16
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La Vertigine

Federico Clavarino
Dark Sand by Alain Vonck - 17
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Dark Sand

Alain Vonck
Nothing But Clouds (Signed) by Kristina Jurotschkin - 18
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Nothing But Clouds (Signed)

Kristina Jurotschkin
I Come From The Other Side by Claudio Moser - 19
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I Come From The Other Side

Claudio Moser
The Erratics by Darren Harvey-Regan - 20
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The Erratics

Darren Harvey-Regan