Which way now? Screening + Q&A with Alasdair McLellan & Corbin Shaw

Join us at Hyde Park Picture House on the 3rd November for a special screening and Q&A with Alasdair McLellan & Corbin Shaw.


Which way now?

Post pandemic, growing up in a cost of living crisis in what should be the most explorative years of their lives so many of the gen-z youth have no other choice than to stay in the family home. Stuck in a suburban purgatory without a realistic route out. As a teen all we ever wanted to be was a grown up, now we’re here.

‘Adolescence is a new birth’ (G Stanley Hall) but does necessary employment mark the end of youth?

I was looking for a job, and then I found a job

And heaven knows I'm miserable now

Focusing on this ‘suburgatory’ , Alasdair and I have documented boys aged 15 - 25 from around the South Yorkshire area to explore boyhood and the reality of youth today. We ask them about their hopes, dreams, aspirations and how they are coping to escape from the mundane.