Through the eyes of Shirley Baker: Documentary Photography from the 1950s until now

Presented by Village & MACK

Shirley Baker developed her first photograph, as a young girl, from the darkness of the coal shed, going on to become one of Britain’s most definitive – yet overlooked – social documentary photographers. A new book of work that combines her better-known street photographs of Greater Manchester with previously unseen photographs that span the UK, South of France, Italy and Japan, speaks to a curiosity and engagement in the everyday; an acute humour and compassion for the lives of ordinary people.

Join us at Hyde Park Picture House to discuss Shirley Baker’s paramount and uniquely female influence on the history of documentary photography with Lou Stoppard, writer and editor of ’Shirley Baker’ (MACK, 2019), Griselda Pollock, Professor of Social and Critical Histories of Art at the University of Leeds, and Anna Douglas, curator of several major exhibitions of Shirley Baker’s work.