I'M SCARED OF CHOCOLATE BARS is a candid documentation by artist K Walker and their admission into hospital for treatment and diagnosis of anorexia nervosa in the year 2019. Through the act of drawing, what began initially as a confused outpouring of ailing mental and physical feelings, soon turned into a visual timeline of life in treatment and the confinements of a ward. All portrayed through the lens of someone in a severe mental state.

As time in treatment passed, Walker’s mental and physical state began to improve, as did their perception towards their illness. This shift in mindset began to reflect within the drawings, as humour and macabre translations of their thoughts began to help them deal with their anxieties and fears. Due to lack of resources, Walker used whatever materials were accessible to them, which was predominantly cheap coloured pencils, biro, felt tip and fine liner pens. This act of documentation formed a great source of comfort and routine with Walker sketching everyday, resulting in over 300 drawings, all of which are on show together here for the first time here at Village alongside sculpture pieces and photography.

The accompanying zine of the same name features a selection of the 300+ drawings presented in chronological order. First edition limited run, each copy numbered and signed by the artist available only at Village.

Join us from 6pm on Thursday 12th May for the exhibition opening.