In collaboration Photo North Festival and Another Place Press, Village is proud to present our latest exhibtiion 'FORELSKET' by Nick Goring.

Join us on Friday 12th April in Leeds for the opening reception and the first chance too pick up a copy of the book published by Another Place Press

In the spring of 1926 Cecily Nash called off her engagement to her fiancée, Christopher Marlowe. It’s not clear how they first met but it’s thought that it was sometime in 1924 whilst Christopher was a guest at her family’s hotel on the Norfolk coast. Cecily was a teenager, the youngest of three sisters, coming of age in a period of newly found freedoms for young women. Older than her, he was a Cambridge graduate but not without having had his studies disrupted by the Great War, during which he’d served on the Western Front. By the time their paths crossed he was an aspiring writer, working on his first manuscript, The Fen Country.
The book, published in 1925, documents his bicycle tour of East Anglia interwoven with a history of the area. His affection for the landscape of the Fens and the people he met on his travels is palpable. But all that remains of his romance with Cecily is the inscription in a copy of the book he gave her. It reads:
To my dearest fiancée with devoted love From The Author
The descendants of those who settled in the Fens a thousand years ago have a word for his euphoria. Forelsket.