Exhibition and Book Launch: 'we were here but not for long' by Sam Blackwood and Corey Bartle Sanderson

VIllage is proud to present 'we were here but not for long’ a collaborative project by Corey Bartle Sanderson and Sam Blackwood.

‘we were here but not for long’ is an exhibition of sculptural works and an accompanying book, influenced by public spaces, architecture, human interventions and crap inventions, closed shops, regeneration, unrealised ideas, archived failures and expirations.

The show is a way of working with failures or ideas that have amounted to nothing, celebrating reuse, a new life, reimagining possibility. Archiving becomes process, through the gathering of materials which eventually inform narratives.

The show includes materials collected in the studio between 2019-2023 and the book acts as an archive of this, alongside phone images spanning the same timeline.

Join us from 6pm on the 4th August in Leeds for the opening.

10-12 Thorntons Arcade