Absent Air by Dan Commons - 1
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Absent Air

Dan Commons
Beings by Philip Welding - Cover


Philip Welding
Formless; A Users Guide. by Seb Smith - 3

Formless; A Users Guide.

Seb Smith
HERE/THERE by Charlotte Dawson - 4


Charlotte Dawson
IN SITU by David O'Mara - 5


David O'Mara
No Silver Bird by Dan Commons - 6
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No Silver Bird

Dan Commons
Pondering Reply a Driftwood Obelisk by Hannah Ackroyd - 7

Pondering Reply a Driftwood Obelisk

Hannah Ackroyd
Stainless by Joe Singleton - 8


Joe Singleton
The Last Summer/L'Ultima Estate by Attilio Solzi - 9

The Last Summer/L'Ultima Estate

Attilio Solzi